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Hi all!

Here's the last full-length track I'll be posting prior to the start of CD pre-orders in 2 days (May 17th).  It's a gentle track called "After the Rain." 

Click the player below to listen (click the play arrow, not the speaker). 

The inspiration (or "scene") for this one is the time  after a heavy downpour, when the leaves are wet and the sun is just starting to reappear; those quiet moments of "recovery" (for lack of a better term) that we see in nature and experience in our own lives from time to time.   Maybe you'll picture or feel something different when you hear it.  That's something I love about music.  The images and feelings it inspires are different for each of us. 

BTW, this is one of my wife's favorites and hopefully you'll agree!

Please share a comment and let me know what you think of this one.  Thanks! 
Hey everyone!  Want to hear some new Cinematic Piano music?  

Here's a moody track from the upcoming album for those of you that like a little D-R-A-M-A in your tunes.  It's called Goodbye Summer and is a melancholy final farewell to the warmth and sunshine of Summer as a chilly, gray Fall sets in.  Jack Chen does some BEA-UUUU-TIFUL flute work on this one!

There's a pretty dramatic moment late in the song when it reaches its climax.  You'll hear the cymbals swell and the key change as Jack's flute mourns the loss of Summer.  QUITE moving and full of longing.  Then, at the very end, the music turns more hopeful in the knowledge that Summer isn't gone forever and will eventually return.  So it's not all doom and gloom after all.  :)

Don't forget, the Dreams of the Forest Contest continues so add your comment to this post for another entry that could net you a fun prize pack that includes a signed copy of the new CD with a personal note from me and Michigan-made treats from the North Woods.

Hope you enjoy the music!

To listen, click the play button (click the arrow, not the speaker).
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Here's more new music from Dreams of the Forest (coming June 12th). This track is called Waiting for Sunrise and was inspired by a trip I took last Fall to a wooded area by the beach.  I woke up early one day and had a cup of coffee before the sun came up and watched the sunrise over the water.  I snapped this picture and the image stuck with me as I wrote the song.  You'll hear Jack Chen playing harmonizing parts on both flute and piccolo as the song slowly builds until the big payoff (the sunrise) at the end.  

Hope you like it!  Click the play button below to listen.

Fireflies. Photo by Judd Patterson
Here's another brand new track from my upcoming album, Dreams of the Forest, called Fireflies.  I hadn't originally set out to write any music about the little glowing bugs, but when I was working on this song, I somehow landed on a combination of three different sounds that made me think of fireflies lighting up at night. You'll hear it for the first time around the 12 second mark and all throughout the song.  

We see them most Summer nights in our backyard and they definitely add a splash of magic to the end of the day  Plus, the kids loving catching them and setting them free.  I recently discovered that fireflies are on the decline so click here for a short read on how you can help. 

I hope you enjoy this full-length preview of Fireflies. 

Hey everyone,

I'll be posting extended song samples from Dreams of the Forest between now and the June 12th release date here on my new blog so check back often or better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed (look for the orange and white icon on the lower right of this page).

Here's a 2 minute clip of track 1, The Forest Awakens.  I placed this song #1 on the album because it's one of my favorites and it just feels like an "opener" if that makes sense.  It's very important to me that you can hear my musical signature in every album I write  but that there's also something unique about it compared to my other releases.  Since my previous album, Unconditional, was very new age/celestial, I wanted to make a statement with the opening track that tells the listener this album is going to be different.  Everything I do is obviously piano-based with various orchestrations (Cinematic Piano as I like to call it) but since Dreams of the Forest is very strings-centric and heavily orchestral, I felt this track would make that very clear from the outset.

I hope you enjoy listening to this preview of The Forest Awakens!  Please add a comment to let me know what you think of it and stay tuned to my blog over the coming weeks for other track samples from Dreams of the Forest.

I've completed writing 14 new tracks for my upcoming album Dreams of the Forest and I'm very excited to be working with Grammy award-winning studio engineer, Corin Nelsen, who will be mixing and mastering the album. 

The album release date is set for June 12, 2012. 

Unconditional made another Best of 2011 list.  Michael Debbage of  MainlyPiano.com just released his top 20 albums of 2011 and Unconditional is number 6! 

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Unconditional was just named one of the ten best New Age Music Albums of 2011 by NewAgeMusicWorld.com. Feeling very honored!  

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